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To Access On-line Worship Playlists:  

Simply click the button which corresponds to the lesson to be studied.
NOTE:  Clicking through these links will lead to YouTube™ playlists. 
YouTube™ is not affiliated with JAIA Worship, and JAIA Worship takes no responsibility for advertisements, music suggestions or events which
occur while visitors are outside of the JAIA Worship site.  Use of these playlists is neither required nor mandated; it is simply optional.








Volume One                                                                         
For All Volumes:


Support the Worship Artists!

While worship music is easy to access and incorporate into the fellowship time, please note the music and artists and support them by purchasing/downloading their music.   It’s possible to purchase most of the selected worship songs individually.  It is the hope of the author that study participants will invest in the Kingdom work of these artists; it's simple to invest one dollar at a time, so please do so!

Thank you!

Volume Two                                                                           
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